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Frequently asked questions

C&L Collections are a debt recovery company, we provide excellent service to many different clients including credit unions, housing associations and insurance companies.

If your account has been passed to Corporate & Legal Collections, it’s because you owe money. Your debt would have been owed to a different creditor (which is why you may not recognise our name) but we have been passed your account to collect the outstanding balance.

If you fail to appropriately engage with us we will likely take further action to secure the debt, or enforcement action if our client has a CCJ enforcement action may be in the form of High Court Enforcement, Charging Orders and Attachment to Earnings this action will  increase the amount you have to pay.

In England and Wales, County Court judgments are legal decisions handed down by the County Court. Judgments for monetary sums are entered on the statutory Register of Judgments, Orders and Fines, which is checked by credit reference agencies to assess the credit-worthiness of individuals.

A charging order is an order from the court that secures our debt against your home or other property you own. After we obtain a charging order we can also apply to the court for the sale of your home or other property.

Attachment of earnings is a legal process in civil litigation by which a defendant’s wages or other earnings are taken to pay for a debt.

A High Court enforcement officer is an officer of the High Court of England and Wales responsible for enforcing judgements of the High Court, often by seizing goods or repossessing property.

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